How Do I Wash a Wool Army Blanket?

Like any wool item, a wool Army blanket requires special care when cleaning. If you simply toss the blanket into the washer and dryer, you will ruin it -- wool shrinks when exposed to water and agitation. There are several ways to get your wool Army blanket clean without damaging it, including dry cleaning, hand washing, and machine soaking.

Wash a wool Army blanket by hand for best results.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning a wool blanket will remove odors and debris without damaging the wool fibers. While dry cleaning is the most convenient option, it is also the most expensive and least eco-friendly way to wash a wool Army blanket.

Hand Washing

Wool items of any type can be washed by hand in cool water. A wool Army blanket is no exception, and it can be cleaned and deodorized at home. Due to the size of an Army blanket, it is best to wash it in a bathtub. Use cool water and wool wash or baby shampoo for best results. Once your blanket is clean, lay it flat to dry.


Machine soaking is an excellent way to get your wool Army blanket clean at home. Wash your blanket by filling the washing machine with cool water and adding 1/2 cup of wool soak. Wool soak is specifically designed for cleaning woolen items, and can be found at yarn stores and fine clothing retailers. Immerse the blanket, but leave the lid of the machine open so it will not agitate. Soak the blanket for 30 minutes, then set the washer to the spin cycle to get rid of excess water. Remove the Army blanket from the washer, and lay it flat to dry.