Instructions for a T-Fal Deep Fryer

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A T-Fal deep fat fryer lets you make foods like French fries.

A T-Fal deep fat fryer lets you prepare all your favorite fried foods in your own home including fried chicken, French fries and even deep-fried candy bars and snack cakes. The T-Fal deep fat fryer uses a very hot oil to cook foods to the ideal consistency: Crunchy outside and moist inside. Always use caution and follow all manufacturers' instructions strictly, when operating a deep fat fryer since injury can occur if you have contact with the hot oil.


Step 1

Fill the bowl of the T-Fal fryer with oil or melted vegetable shortening. Oil or shortening should be at a level in between the "MIN" and "MAX" marks on the bowl.

Step 2

Turn the lever marked "Oil" to the "Fry" position.

Step 3

Plug the T-Fal deep fat fryer into a wall outlet. Wait for the power indicator light to come on.

Step 4

Press the temperature touchpad underneath the "00" that appears on the display screen. The temperature will automatically begin at 320 degrees Fahrenheit.


Step 5

Adjust the temperature if needed. Use the T-Fal manual's recommended temperature guidelines for the food you are cooking. Temperatures may range from 320 to 374 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the quantity and type of food.

Step 6

Put the food in the basket. Follow the "MAX" mark on the basket to ensure you do not overfill the basket.

Step 7

Wait for the temperature light to appear under "Ready." On some models of T-Fal deep fat fryer, there is no "Ready" light; in this case, the temperature indicator light will go out, indicating that preheating is completed and the fryer is ready for use.


Step 8

Place the basket in the fryer. Some T-Fal deep fryer models have a sliding handle that audibly clicks the basket into place, while others have a basket that you will simply place inside, then lower the lid.

Step 9

Set the timer button. Use the cooking time guidelines in the T-Fal manual for your deep fryer model.

Step 10

Wait for the timer to sound, indicating that the food is ready. Press the timer button once to stop the timer alert.

Step 11

Remove or raise the lid on the T-Fal deep fat fryer.


Step 12

Raise the cooking basket to the higher latch position on the inside of the T-Fal deep fat fryer. This will allow extra oil to drain. Allow the food to cool and drain oil in that position for three minutes.

Step 13

Remove the basket from the T-Fal deep fat fryer and unplug the fryer. Empty the food onto dish or platter and serve.



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