By Guy Gardner

Known as the Japanese lantern plant as well as the Chinese lantern plant, P. alkekengi is a perennial bush known for its beautiful orange lantern-shaped fruit. The Japanese lantern plant is popular in North America, Europe and Asia for its dried fruit, used in flower arrangements and in decorations. If you are growing a Japanese lantern plant you can easily dry the lanterns for use in your home.

You can dry Japanese lanterns for decorating your home.

Step 1

Cut the stalks of the Japanese lantern plant which have the lanterns on them, using scissors. Cut the stalks to the length you want, but no shorter than 6 inches.

Step 2

Cut the extra leaves off of the lantern stalks. Wrap an elastic band around the lantern stalks to keep them bunched together.

Step 3

Tie the bunch of flowers to a wire hanger so that the lanterns hang down. Hang the wire hanger in a cool, dry, dark area.