How to Make a Homemade Squeegee

Proper equipment helps with house cleaning. Windows, especially on the outside of a home, require tools that many often don't possess. A squeegee with a long handle reaches hard to reach places on windows, and can also be used for cleaning vinyl floors. Squeegees can be purchased at many different home supply stores, but making homemade squeegees can save money.

Squeegees with long handles are excellent tools for cleaning windows in hard to reach places.

Step 1

Cut off a broom handle at a right angle. The longer the broom handle the more reach with cleaning.

Step 2

Purchase a windshield wiper. Look for an inexpensive one from a salvage yard.

Step 3

Drill a hole in the wiper assembly.

Step 4

Attach the windshield wiper to the bottom of the broom handle through the drilled hole with a wood screw.

Step 5

Test the homemade squeegee to make sure the wiper is secure. Wrap duct tape around the base of the wiper and bottom of the broom handle if needed for support.