How to Find a Leak on a Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number beds use air chambers to allow users to adjust the level of support of the mattress. Finding a leak in a Sleep Number bed can be either a simple task or a challenge, depending on the size of the leak. However, it can be done. You can use a few household items to find the leak in your Sleep Number bed.

Finding the leak in your Sleep Number bed is worth the time.

Step 1

Turn off anything making noise in the room where your Sleep Number bed is located. Remove all the bed coverings from your mattress.

Step 2

Listen carefully to see whether you can hear the leak. Put your ear close to the mattress. If you can't hear any air coming out, use a piece of aluminum foil. Move it around the mattress as you listen. It will vibrate when it is on the leak.

Step 3

Fill a spray bottle with water and several drops of dish soap.

Step 4

Spray your Sleep Number bed mattress in sections. When you come across the leak, the soap will bubble.

Step 5

Mark any leaks you find with a permanent marker so you can easily find the places you will need to repair.