How to Glue Corkboard to Plywood

Corkboards are well known for their usefulness, but the sizes of ready-made boards don't always fit the space requirements. In those situations, it's often best to make your own. Cork is available in a variety of sizes in both roll and sheet form. Glued to plywood, it becomes a parking spot for important notes, notices, cherished cards and photos. Making your own corkboard also allows you to decorate it to match the surrounding decor.

Corkboard glued to plywood can create a useful place to post important notes.

Step 1

Cut cork with scissors to fit size and shape of plywood.

Step 2

Apply wood glue to the back of the cork and spread evenly with a disposable foam brush.

Step 3

Apply wood glue to the plywood and spread evenly with a disposable foam brush.

Step 4

Place the glued side of cork onto the glued side of the plywood.

Step 5

Roll the surface of the cork with a roller, such as a rolling pin, to remove any air bubbles.

Step 6

Clamp the edges of the cork to the plywood for 24 hours, or until glue is completely dry.

Susan Walworth

A journalist since 1985, Susan Walworth has written for both weekly and daily newspapers, including "The Eufaula Tribune" and "The Dothan Eagle." She has won numerous state press association awards for photography, news and feature writing. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Auburn University.