How to Mix Bleach as a Disinfectant

Create your own disinfectant from bleach and water. Rodale recommends using ¼ cup of bleach per gallon of water. Bleach is powerful enough to work when diluted. Diluting the bleach not only saves bleach, and money, but the fumes aren't as potent. According to Rodale, the bleach kills both germs and viruses. Use the bleach on non-porous surfaces. Bleach does cause discoloration on some products, so test the cleaner on a small area first.

Use bleach to disinfect areas.

Step 1

Pour 1/4 cup of bleach into the plastic gallon container.

Step 2

Fill the container the rest of the way with water. Leave an inch empty at top of the container.

Step 3

Put the lid on the container.

Step 4

Turn the container upside down and then right side up two or three time to mix the bleach and water.

Step 5

Remove the lid. Fill the spray bottle with the bleach-water mixture. Close the spray bottle.