The Husqvarna 272Xp is a lightweight, high-powered chain saw that has many applications. Husqvarna designed this chain saw to be used professionally as well as for personal use. Husqvarna engine technology uses X-Torq, which cuts fuel consumption by 20 percent and emissions up to 60 percent.

The Husqvarna 272Xp is used to fell and trim trees.


The cylinder displacement on the Husqvarna 272XP is 4.4 cubic-inches while the maximum power output is 5 horsepower. The idling speed is a modest 2,600 revolutions per minute, or RPM, while the maximum RPM is 9,300. Cylinder bore by stroke is 2 by 1.34 inches. The fuel tank holds 1.58 U.S. pints and the oil tank volume is .84 U.S. pints. The adjustable oil flow option allows you to change the blade lubricant flow depending upon the length of blade you're using and the difficulty of a job. The oil pump has a capacity of 5.9 to 18.4 ml per minute. The overall weight is approximately 14 lbs. The distance of the chain rivets -- chain pitch -- is the more standard chain length of 3/8 inch, while the maximum chain speed is 20.7 meters per second. The 272Xp operator will experience sound pressure levels at 104 "A-weighted decibels" and sound power levels at 117 dB(A).


The three-piece crankshaft of the Husqvarna 272Xp is designed for performance and stability. The 272Xp features a magnesium crankcase that provides added durability while the front handgrip is angled to make cutting easier. The 272Xp also has Husqvarna LowVib technology, which utilizes anti-vibration absorbers to quell vibration during cutting. This chain saw is lightweight and has high power potential, which provides rapid RPM acceleration to enhance cutting capabilities. The 272Xp also features the Husqvarna Smart Start, reducing starting attempts and starter cord resistance by 40 percent. For simplified engine cleaning and maintenance, the snap-lock cylinder cover provides easy access to the air filter and engine components. This chain saw doesn't feature the air injection centrifugal technology of other Husqvarna chain saw models. The air injection centrifugal system filters out debris particles before they enter engine components, providing cleaner and more reliable engine operation and reducing the frequency of air filter cleanings.


The 272Xp can use a variety of Husqvarna 3/8 inch large bar saw mounts. Available lengths are 15, 18, 20, 24 and 28 inches. Epoxy coating provides added durability against wear and tear. Solid bar mounts are recommended for hard timber and/or thick bark and sandy or dusty conditions. Nose-wheel bar mounts have a smaller nose radius to provide better cutting control and decrease the chance of kickbacks while cutting. Longer bars, such as the 24- and 28-inch bar mounts, are available with a replaceable nose-wheel tip. The replaceable tip reduces cutting load on the mount head and, upon being damaged, just the tip can be replaced rather than the entire mount. These replaceable tip mounts can reduce friction loss by 8 percent to 10 percent.