Bissell Power Lifter Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Sink

  • Water

  • Power supply

  • Bissell brand cleaner

The Bissell Power Lifter is a carpet cleaner that is designed to remove ground-in dirt from carpets and other floor surfaces. The machine has a 2-in-1 cleaning formula tank and a wide head to provide a full-sized cleaning path. The Bissell Power Lifter can be purchased online or in many home retail stores or department stores. The Bissell Power Lifter is relatively easy to set up, use and clean.


Step 1

Press the handle release lever on the lower left side of the back and lay the handle down to release the tank. Lift up the tank and rotate the handle towards the back to unlatch and remove the lid. Turn the lid over and locate the built-in measuring cup.

Step 2

Fill the measuring cup with Bissell-brand cleaning formula to the fill line and pour into the tank. Fill the rest of the tank with clean, hot water. Match up the lid and tank edges and set the handle in the forward position. Rotate the handle forward to securely latch and close the lid.

Step 3

Set the tank back into the machine base and rotate the tank handle back into the latched position. Plug the Power Lifter into a power outlet and turn the power switch on.


Step 4

Press the spray trigger to dispense the cleaning formula over the surface to be cleaned. Push the vacuum forward and back over the wet area. Repeat over the entire surface to be cleaned.

Step 5

Turn the power off when finished and rotate the tank handle forward to lift the tank out of the machine base. Rotate the handle towards the back of the tank to unlatch the lid and lift off. Pour the dirty water from the bottom of the tank.

Step 6

Remove the lint screen from the tank lid and rinse with clean water. Replace back in the tank lid. Set the tank lid back on the tank and rotate the handle forward to close. Set the tank back on the machine.


Step 7

Grasp the vacuum nozzle at the top and pull it forward. Lift the nozzle out and rinse with water. Set back into place and push until closed.

Step 8

Store the vacuum in a clean, dry area.



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