How to Get a Scratch out of a Laminate Floor

Many homeowners prefer laminate flooring because it is durable, affordable and easy to clean. Made to mimic hardwood flooring, planks of laminate are made with several layers, including a moisture-blocking layer, a sound-absorbing layer and a wood-texture layer. The very top layer is a clear laminate, which serves to protect the wood texture. Although laminate flooring does not blemish as easily as hardwood, scratches can occur. Repair scratches by filling and sealing them with plastic filler. Tools and material needed to repair scratches are available together in laminate repair kits.

Laminate floors are durable, but not invincible.

Step 1

Choose a laminate repair kit with filler color that matches your flooring. Some repair kits come with several colors that can be mixed to match.

Step 2

Clean the scratched area, using laminate floor cleaner. Allow the area to dry.

Step 3

Mix the color according to the mixing chart, if your kit comes with mixable colors, using the accompanying plastic spatula.

Step 4

Spread the filler into and over the scratch with the plastic spatula. Smooth it down even at the top. Allow the filler to dry according to the dry time indicated in the instructions.

Step 5

Sand down any imperfections carefully with 800-grit sandpaper.

Step 6

Buff the area with laminate floor polish, using a soft cloth to restore luster.