How to Install an Air Hammer Bit

An air hammer uses air pressure to push a bit back and forth in a hammering motion to chisel away materials. Despite the name, an air hammer is very similar to a jackhammer, except that it is held in one hand and looks similar to a screw gun. An air hammer is ideal for removing tile, rivets, seized bolts and many other automotive and household applications. This tool is diverse because of the ability to interchange bits for different projects. Use of the air hammer decreases project times and the need for multiple manual tools.

Use an air hammer in place of traditional chisel tools.

Step 1

Remove the air hose to cut off power to the air hammer before changing the bits.

Step 2

Remove the spring from the air hammer by turning the spring in a counterclockwise motion. The spring is threaded and made to be removable. Some air hammers will require you to depress a lock on the end of the spring while turning it in a counterclockwise motion. This will move the lock to the free position, allowing you to insert the new chisel bit.

Step 3

Insert a new chisel bit into the cylinder head. Slide the spring over the bit and screw it back down using a clockwise motion.

Step 4

Test the chisel bit by pulling and pushing it back and forth into the cylinder head. Use force, as the goal is to make sure the bit is locked in place. The chisel bit should move freely into and out of the cylinder head.