Brick flooring, when used inside, is installed much like tile. A bed of adhesive is spread on the floor, the bricks are set and then the space between the bricks is grouted. Whether the brick is cracked and damaged or you are simply tired of the way it looks, you can remove the bricks. The job is straightforward but does require some muscle. Ask a friend to help you to finish the job more quickly.

Remove brick flooring.

Step 1

Set the head a flat-head screwdriver on a line of grout. Tap the end of the screwdriver with a rubber mallet until the grout cracks.

Step 2

Move the screwdriver over 1/4 inch. Place the screwdriver on the same grout line angled toward the first crack. Tap on the handle with the mallet to knock loose a 1/4 inch section of grout.

Step 3

Continue moving over 1/4 inch and removing pieces of grout until you have removed enough grout to wedge a putty knife under a brick. Rock the brick to loosen.

Step 4

Slip a pry bar under the putty knife and pull out the putty knife. Apply pressure to the pry bar until the brick pulls free from the floor. Lift the brick and discard.

Step 5

Repeat this process of chipping away grout until you can slide a putty knife and pry bar under the brick across the floor. Remove all of the brick.

Step 6

Sweep the floors to remove loose debris.