Long-time chain saw manufacturer Husqvarna has an extensive line of products including the Husqvarna 350. Its features and specifications were designed to create a long-lasting chain saw for use in a variety of home and garden projects, cutting quickly and efficiently whether working with trees, shrubs or debris.

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A chainsaw resting atop logs.

Engine Design Overview

The engine is the power core of a chain saw and determines, to a large extent, how fast the saw will cut. The Husqvarna 350 is equipped with a 50 CC engine that runs up to 3.1 horsepower. The two-stroke engine allows for 2,700 rpm idle speed and a maximum speed of 9,000 rpm. The CD Ignition system is manufactured by SEM, and spark plugs are model RCJ7Y, designed by Champion.

Air Injection Information

Keeping the chain saw free of work site debris extends the life of the saw and prevents damage and possible fire but can also be a demanding chore. The air injection system is designed so that all carburetor air passes through the starter first. In the starter, the cooling fan cools the air but also filters out any sawdust and particles that have found their way into the apparatus during work.

Cooling System Considerations

Although oil lubricates most moving parts on a chain saw, a great deal of friction and heat are generated by the operation of a rotating chain blade and combustion engine. Because of this, the 350 includes several features designed to cool the system during use to prevent engine knocking and to prevent overheating. This cooling system includes an air intake over the starter, an air guide plate, flywheel fins for directional blowing and a cylinder cover. The system should be cleaned weekly during heavy use with a small brush.

Fuel and Oil Requirements

The recommended fuel is 87 octane or higher mid-grade to premium unleaded gasoline mixed with 2-percent two-stroke oil in its 0.5 liter tank. Any lower octane gasoline or the use of gasoline containing ethanol rated more than E10, such as E15, E20 and E 85, could contribute to engine knocking, which can lead to uncontrolled overheating and damage the engine or cause injury. Pump labels are helpful indicators.

Carburetor Characteristics

The Zama carburetor model C3-EL18 is featured on the Husqvarna 350, reportedly designed and manufactured to specifications that reduce harmful emissions. The carburetor monitors emissions and regulates the supply of fuel to the engine, determining the rotation speed.


The Husqvarna 350 comes standard with a 13-inch chain bar with 12 inches of usable cutting length, which can be upgraded to a bar of up to 20 inches and 19 inches of usable cutting length without sacrificing speed. The Husqvarna 350 also features a side-mounted chain tensioner that allows the user to keep the chain safely tightened on the bar without having to leave the work site.