Natural Spider Control Herbs

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Herbs can help keep spiders like this one out of your house

There are dozens of herbs that can be used for spider pest control. The most pungent, or strongly scented, herbs will drive away not only spiders but a wide variety of pests that can enter the home and irritate its inhabitants. Herbs can be used in satchels, planted by doors or on windowsills, or kept in the home to keep spiders away.


Lavender is a well known deterrent for not only spiders but several types of biting insects. Scorpions and centipedes also try to avoid this strong herb for it's incredibly potent scent. Since so many insects are driven away with lavender, spiders will have difficulty feeding themselves. If the strong scent of English lavender is too much in large quantities, French lavender has a milder scent that will still work for spider control.


Rosemary flowers are faintly scented for the human nose, but spiders find them absolutely disgusting. You can chase almost all varieties of spiders away with a blooming sprig of rosemary. Stalks of non-blooming rosemary can be used in the same way as blooming varieties, since the leaves of the plant give off an even stronger aroma than the flowers. However, it must be noted that rosemary has a tendency to put out roots to strangle other plants that are planted beside it, or it will secrete an herbicidal oil to kill them. Rosemary should be planted in rosemary-only plots or in pots only.


Catnip is a variety of mint plant that also goes by the name of cat mint. This is the herb usually used to entice feline friends into playing with toys. Catnip, both blossoming and not, is a very aromatic herb like most types of mint. Spiders strongly dislike the scent of catnip and will avoid yards with large amounts of catnip in them. The downside to having large amounts of catnip around your home, or inside it, is attracting stray cats to come enjoy the free treats.


Vanilla, paired with vodka or vinegar, will send spiders running. Vanilla beans or vanilla extract will work with this method. Remember that vanilla extract will last a shorter time than a few vanilla beans in preservatives such as vodka or vinegar. The vanilla scentbomb can be set up in a small bowl under plants in the garden, hung inside a hanging basket or placed on a kitchen counter to get rid of spiders.


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