Herbs That Can Grow With Basil in the Same Pot

Basil is a hardy herb that is easy to grow in pots with other herbs. It prefers warm temperatures, grows best in rich soil and needs about six to eight hours of sunlight per day. Basil can grow outdoor in a container or indoor. Make the most of growing room by choosing one or two companion plants to grow in the same container with basil. Choose plants that prefer the same growing conditions as basil.

A container for growing herbs together.

Sweet Marjoram

Marjoram needs warm temperatures. It grows well in pots outdoor or indoor near a sunny window. Marjoram mixes well with basil in kitchen recipes, so it makes sense to grow it in the same pot with basil. Sweet marjoram grows quickly. Pinching the stems back encourages the plant to branch out.


Thyme is a slow-growing herb.

Thyme prefers well-drained soil and plenty of sunshine and warmth. Plant it indoor or outdoor in the same pot as basil. Thyme is a slow grower but can be continually harvested and pinched back to encourage new growth. It is a perennial but usually needs replacing after 3 to 4 years because it becomes woody.

Summer Savory

Summer Savory needs at least six hours of sun each day. Plant it in pots with basil or other herbs that require lots of sun and well-drained, rich soil. Grow it indoor near a window or outside in a sunny location. Savory is a mild herb that complements basil in the kitchen as well as in the garden.