Whirpool Self-Cleaning Oven Instructions

Certain Whirlpool ovens feature a self-cleaning cycle that eases the burden of maintaining the appliance. A self-cleaning cycle heats the oven to extremely high temperatures to burn away food and grease. Starting the cycle on a Whirlpool self-cleaning oven is as simple as pushing a few buttons, but you do need to prepare the oven for optimal cleaning.


Step 1

Remove everything from the inside of your Whirlpool self-cleaning oven, including baking pans, broiler pans, aluminum foil and racks. If the pans or racks are still hot, use potholders.

Step 2

Wipe the inside of the oven with a damp sponge to remove any large amounts of grease or food, as they could ignite during the self-cleaning cycle and create smoke.

Step 3

Clean 1 1/2 inches into the oven opening and the inside door edge with the damp sponge. The self-cleaning cycle does not fully clean these areas. Do not bend or move the rubber gasket near the edge of the door. If you damage the gasket, it does not create a tight seal when the oven door is shut.

Step 4

Close the oven door. Press the "Auto Clean" button on your Whirlpool self-cleaning oven's control panel. The self-cleaning cycle is preset to three hours and 30 minutes.

Step 5

Use the numerical key pad on the control panel to change the length of the self-cleaning cycle, if desired. Set it to as little as two hours and 30 minutes for a lightly soiled oven to four hours and 30 minutes for extremely dirty ovens.

Step 6

Press the "Start" button to begin the Whirlpool oven's self-cleaning cycle. The door remains locked until the cycle finishes and the oven cools.

Step 7

Open the Whirlpool oven and remove any burnt crumbs or ash with the damp sponge after the control panel reads "End."