A clean-burning and effective chimney allows deadly gases to escape from your home. Even minor damage affects the chimney and may allow rainwater to enter your home. The type of chimney repair you need is a key factor in the total price.

The chimney is one of the most important features on your house.


A full chimney rebuild is the largest and most serious job. Other repair jobs include rebuilding the outside of the chimney, replacing the flashing and adding a new metal cap.

Average Price

Replacing or rebuilding your entire chimney can cost up to $1,000 or more, according to Chimney Repair. MGI Home Inspection puts the cost of aligning a chimney at up to $3,000. The installation of chimney flashing costs $150 to $350, and rebuilds are charged on a linear foot basis.


Always use a professional to make any chimney repairs. Businesses selling repairs door-to-door are often scam artists. They do work on your roof and chimney for far less than experts quote, but do the job with inferior products or never finish the job properly.