How to Change Bissell PowerForce Bags

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Your PowerForce Vacuum needs frequent bag changes.

The Bissell PowerForce is one of the types of vacuums offered by the Bissell company. The PowerForce has a disposable dust bag that catches everything that your vacuum picks up off the floor and stores it until you change the bag. Some PowerForce models have indicators on the front of the vacuum cleaner to tell you when the bag needs to be changed, but you'll also notice a loss of suction power when the bag is full. It is important to learn how to change the bag to keep your vacuum running efficiently.

Step 1

Unplug the PowerForce power cord from the electrical outlet if it is plugged in. This will prevent injury from shock.

Step 2

Grasp the handhold cutout at the top of the bag door on the front of the vacuum and pull down and out to remove it. Set the panel aside.

Step 3

Grab the square cardboard collar at the top of the bag and pull it outward to slide it off the tube that holds it in place. Dispose of the old bag.

Step 4

Unfold a new Bissell style 7 bag and locate the cardboard collar. The cardboard collar has a hole in the center lined with rubber.

Step 5

Hold the cardboard collar and push the rubber-lined center over the tube that held the previous bag in place. Tuck the rest of the bag into the bag compartment so it does not interfere with the door as it is replaced.

Step 6

Place the tab on the bottom of the door into the notch at the bottom center of the opening and push the door inward toward the vacuum until the top tab clicks in place.


Never reuse vacuum bags. The bag can become weak and could tear inside the vacuum.


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