Rayovac Battery Charger Instructions

Rayovac offers a line of rechargeable batteries and charging units to support them. The Rayovac battery charger can charge up to four rechargeable batteries at a time. Using rechargeable batteries saves money, especially if they are used in high-powered products that drain battery life quickly. When the Rayovac charger is paired with Rayovac rechargeable batteries, charge time is only ten hours. The battery charger is designed with ease of use in mind, as it features a compact design and a fold-out wall plug.

Properly charge your rechargeable batteries to ensure long lasting life.

Step 1

Place the rechargeable batteries in the recharging unit. Follow the + and - alignment markings on the unit to ensure batteries are inserted correctly.

Step 2

Pull the electrical outlet pronged plug out of the unit with your finger. It pops in and out easily.

Step 3

Plug the charger into a grounded electrical outlet. Allow the batteries to charge. The charging indicator light turns from red to green when charging is complete.