Snakes rarely enter homes intentionally but find their way into houses and yards while exploring their surrounding environment. Because they are cold-blooded creatures, snakes avoid extremely high and low temperatures, and often seek indoor areas, hide under wood piles and rest in tall grasses. You can exterminate many snakes using simple at-home remedies for less than the cost of extermination services.

You can get eliminate snakes on your property without hiring expensive exterminators.

Yard Maintenance

Snakes gather in lumber piles to escape extreme heat and to hibernate.

Keep your yard clear of debris and grasses on your property to eliminate areas snakes hide. Wear long-sleeved clothing, tall boots and heavy work gloves to lift and remove lumber piles, tires and debris from your yard that snakes use as shelter. Keep grass trimmed during the summer months to eradicate tall grasses that snakes may use as shade. Avoid planting thick gardens, bushes and shrubbery close to the home that provide snakes with shade and easier access inside.

Pest Control

To get rid of snakes and prevent them from returning, eliminate common food sources. Snakes feed on insects and rodents within and around homes. Eliminate rodents and insects with insecticides, rodent traps and poisons to reduce the available food supply. Buy insect and rodent control products you can administer yourself.

Home Maintenance

An effective way to keep snakes out of homes and outdoor buildings involves blocking all holes the snakes use to access the building. Wait until late evening and turn on lights in all rooms of your house. Walk around outdoors and inspect all sides of your home for holes allowing light to shine through. Pay particular attention to areas where pipes and wires enter the building. Patch these holes with spray foam insulation or other hole repair substances. Avoid leaving windows and doors open without screens to prevent snakes easy access.


Repel snakes from your home and yard using common products you already have or those available for a low-cost at many supermarkets and warehouse stores. Lay down a foot-wide strip of sulfur powder around the exterior of your home and outbuildings to repel snakes. Mothballs is another home remedy used to ward off snakes.