Causes of a Cuisinart Coffee Maker Leaking

Few things spoil a morning like coming to get your first cup of coffee and finding your beverage all over the counter instead of ready to pour into your cup. Thankfully, you don't have to conduct a full CSI investigation to discover the source of the problem with your Cuisinart coffee maker; a bit of detective work will suffice. Often setting up the machine to brew a new batch and waiting nearby to observe the appliance will allow you to deduce the source of the issue.


The Carafe or Pot

Improperly seating the pot beneath the nozzle can lead to leaking, which usually occurs when someone quickly grabs a first cup during the brewing process and does not replace the carafe or pot correctly. The coffee then drips onto the lip or lid and down the side of the pot instead of into the small entrance to the container. To fix the problem merely realign the pot beneath the flow of coffee.

Brew Pause

Water may build around the basket if it is unable to flow properly into the carafe, which may cause water to flow into areas of the machine where it isn't intended to go or out onto the counter. Some Cuisinart coffeemakers have a pause function to the brewing process, meaning the flow of coffee will stop when you remove the carafe. If a unit with brew pause has an issue with coffee flowing after the pot is removed, there may be a damaged brew pause mechanism or mineral buildup in part of the machine. Factory refurbished units, reconditioned units, older or damaged machines or those using a replacement pot that does not fit properly with the coffeemaker may present more problems.

The Filter Basket

Finely ground coffee can cause the basket to overflow by clogging the filter basket. Some gold tone filter baskets do not require a paper filter. If you use a paper filter in addition to the basket, this may cause clogging that leads to leakage. For those Cuisinart coffee makers that accept paper filters, inadvertently using two paper filters instead of one can lead to the same issue. Cuisinart warns that substituting another type of permanent gold tone filter may cause water to overflow in its machines. The company recommends a medium grind coffee for proper brewing. Owners should clean the filter basket regularly to prevent clogs.

The Showerhead

Cuisinart coffeemakers with a defect in the way water is delivered to the coffee grounds may also leak water. If your machine produces little coffee after running through a cycle, check the coffee grounds. If the grounds are not soaked, or if they are dry or only partially moistened, there may be an issue with the showerhead. Cuisinart warns that you should not open the filter basket during brewing. Unplug the coffeemaker, and wait 10 minutes before opening the machine to check the basket.