How to Glue Rubber to Aluminum

An epoxy glue will be able to permanently bond rubber to aluminum if done correctly. This may be helpful when performing renovations in your home or when making a piece of art that contains both rubber and aluminum.


Step 1

Wash the aluminum where it is to be glued with mild soap and water. This will remove any dirt or oil that exists on the aluminum. Thoroughly dry the aluminum with a rag when washing is complete.

Step 2

Sand and rub the area of the aluminum that is going to be glued to the rubber. By sanding the area, you are giving the glue a better chance of strongly adhering to the aluminum. When done sanding, rinse off all of the metal dust that is left. Wipe the rinsed area dry with the rag.

Step 3

Squeeze the epoxy glue onto the aluminum where you sanded it. A few drops is all that is needed as it should be spread to evenly cover the sanded surface.

Step 4

Place the rubber on the aluminum surface where the epoxy glue is. It can be held in place with a workbench clamp or masking tape to ensure that it does not move. If using a clamp, place a thin block of wood on the backside of the aluminum.