Instructions for Jardine Cribs

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Putting together a crib can be tricky.

Parents should have all baby furniture assembled before bringing home a new baby. Although sometimes a newborn doesn't use a crib right away, life can get busy adjusting to a new baby. Being prepared ahead of time is a wise choice. In addition, crib-assembly instructions can be confusing and sometimes get misplaced. Therefore, having time to assemble a crib correctly before the baby arrives is important for his health and safety.

Instructions for a Jardine Crib

Step 1

Attach the stationary side to the two end panels. Remember to use an Allen key wrench and the bolts packaged with the crib to put the entire crib together.

Step 2

Attach the stabilizing bar to the end panels.

Step 3

Put the mattress support piece on the four corner posts. Tighten the bolts to make sure it's stable.

Step 4

Place the drop-side piece of the crib from the bottom onto the drop-side upper and lower tracks to the left of the lower tracks and pull toward yourself. Raise the drop side until you feel it lock into place. Put the rubber stoppers into place before raising or lowering the drop side. The rubber stoppers will prevent the drop side from crashing to the floor.

Step 5

Tighten all bolts.

Step 6

Insert your mattress into the crib. The crib is now ready for use.


Some crib assemblages may differ depending on the type of Jardine Crib.


Always read your user manual before assembling a crib, and check the crib for any loose items. Don't use a crib if there are any missing pieces. In addition, always check with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for recalled baby items.


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