How to Make a Paper Emulsifier for Papercrete

Papercrete is a building material made by combining paper and concrete. Emulsification, or combining the materials so they don't separate, is usually done through a machine mixer for papercrete, rather than any chemicals or detergents as some other substances require. While it is possible to buy or rent a mixer to use for one project, you can also make a machine at home if you do a lot of papercrete work and need something a bit more handy.

Your emulsifier uses the same principles as both paint mixers and milkshake blenders.

Step 1

Attach a shaft to the motor. The exact method will vary according to the type of motor you selected. The simplest is a hand drill that you can buy a stucco-mixing attachment for. If you need a larger motor, be sure to check the manufacturer's specifications for mounting.

Step 2

Attach the blades to the shaft, if you do not have a pre-made bladed extension. For the stucco-mixing attachment, purchase the attachment with the blades, since the paddle type does not mix as well.

Step 3

Test your mixer before using. Be sure to wear proper protective gear, as you would with any home building or improvement project.

Step 4

Mix your papercrete in a large tub. Depending on the size and strength of your mixer, you can use plastic or steel drums, garbage cans, or pails, from 55 gallons or larger, down to 5 gallons.