Directions for Making Loom Potholders

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Things You'll Need

  • Potholder loom

  • Loops that fit the loom

  • Weaving tool

  • Crochet hook

A potholder loom creates a simple weave like this.

Weaving potholders on a square loom is a fun activity for children and adults. These small looms introduce weaving concepts and encourage weavers to use color. They are small and portable so they make good distractions. And when done, you have a useful household item. Potholder looms and loops are readily available at craft stores or from the Internet. The loops come in a myriad of colors so you never have to weave the same design twice.

Warping the Loom

Step 1

Start at one corner of the loom and stretch a loop from the first peg at the top to the first peg at the bottom.

Step 2

Stretch another loop from the second peg at the top to the second peg on the bottom.

Step 3

Continue in this manner until there is a loop stretching between every set of top and bottom pegs. This is called "warping the loom."

Weaving the Potholder

Step 1

Hold or place the loom so the warp loops are vertical. Starting on the upper right side, slide the weaving tool under the two strands of the first loop, then over the next loop, and under the one after that. Continue in this manner, weaving over and under all the loops. The weaving tool--which comes in the kit with the loom--may have a large and small hook; use the end with the small hook.

Step 2

Attach a loop to the hook on the weaving tool and pull the loop through to the right side. Make sure the loop is caught on the top left peg as you pull it through.

Step 3

Attach the loop to the first peg on the right side of the loom.

Step 4

Place the weaving tool over the first two strands of the first loop, and under the next loop. This is opposite of the first woven loop. Continue weaving over and under until the hook is on the left side.

Step 5

Attach a loop to the hook and pull it through to the right side as before, attaching it to the second peg on each side.

Step 6

Continue weaving in this manner until there are loops on all the pegs.

Removing the Potholder From the Loom

Step 1

Use the crochet hook to remove the loop at one corner of the loom. Repeat with the next loop to the left. There are two loops on the hook.

Step 2

Pull the second loop on the hook through the first loop.

Step 3

Remove the next loop from the loom with the crochet hook, and slip it through the loop already on the hook.

Step 4

Continue in this manner, working your way around the loom, until there is only one loop left. To make a hanging loop and keep the side loops from unraveling, slip one of your weaving loops--perhaps one that was too short to fit the loom--into that last crochet-hook loop and pull one end through.


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