How to Get Rid of a Bees Nest Under the Siding of a House

Bees are nature's little pollinators and considered beneficial insects by gardeners worldwide. Regardless of their benefits, the last place any homeowner wants a bee's nest is under the siding of their roof. When agitated, bees swarm and someone will get stung. This can be a dangerous situation, especially for children or those allergic to bee stings. There are pest control companies that get rid of the nest for you, but doing it yourself is not that hard. Most garden or home improvement stores carry insecticidal sprays designed to kill bees and wipe out the nest.

Spray the nest to get rid of it.

Step 1

Contact a beekeeper in your area and see if they want the bees. In many areas of the United States, the population of honeybees is low, making them desirable. The beekeeper will remove the bees and their nest, usually at no cost to you.

Step 2

Monitor the hive at sunrise or sunset to see exactly where any entranceways into the roof's siding are located. The nest is most populated in the early morning or evening, as they spend the rest of the day outside the nest gathering pollen. When applying the insecticide to the nest, do it at sunrise or sunset when the most bees will be inside of it.

Step 3

Protect your body before spraying by dressing in a long-sleeved shirt, such as a sweatshirt and long pants, such as jeans. Wear a hat and gloves to protect your head and hands from any bee stings.

Step 4

Use a quick-spraying, aerosol bee and wasp killer and spray it onto the nest, per the label's instructions, in the early morning or evening. The insecticide works like a jet spray, quickly knocking any bees to the ground when sprayed. Saturate the outside and inside of the nest, spraying it into any cracks or crevices the bees are using.

Step 5

Spray the nest again with the bee killer the following day. Observe the nest to see if any bees are still using it. If you observe more bees, spray the nest again.

Step 6

Remove the nest from under the roof, once you are positive bees are dead. Use a broom or stick and knock the nest to the ground.