Atomic clocks are accurate and advanced timepieces. Cheney Instruments' Atomix clocks make this technology available to the home user. Setting an Atomix clock is different from setting other digital clocks you may have owned. The clock, once set, always maintains the correct time. It also automatically resets during daylight saving time.


Step 1

Set the time zone indicator by pressing the up arrow operation button until the small graphic of the U.S. map shows the correct time zone. Press the "Select" button to confirm.

Step 2

Set the daylight saving time indicator by pressing the up arrow operation button. Press the "Select" button to confirm.

Step 3

Place the clock in a location where it points toward Colorado, which helps it pick up the signal from WWVB on the AM radio band. Just as with an AM radio, being too near metal or in the path of other broadcast signals or microwaves may prevent the signal from getting through. The bars on the display, like those on a cell phone, tell you how good the signal is.

Step 4

Check back in 24 hours to make sure your clock has synchronized correctly. If the display shows an incorrect time zone, day or hour, there may be interference with the signal. Move the clock to a location with better reception as shown by the bars on the display.