How to Repair a Scratched Porcelain Toilet

Toilets are usually made out of materials like glazed porcelain, china or fiberglass. These sturdy materials resist most scratches, are easy to clean and cheap to produce. However, a pipe snake or other sharp piece of metal may scratch the finished toilet surface, leaving unsightly marks. Fortunately, there is a way to fix these scratches or make them look less visible. Repairing a scratched porcelain toilet is not quick, but your efforts can restore long-term shine to your toilet.

Keep your white porcelain looking clean and new.

Step 1

Wear a pair of rubber gloves. Turn off the water valve to the toilet by twisting the valve clockwise.

Step 2

Flush the porcelain toilet to empty the bowl.

Step 3

Make a paste using 2 parts abrasive cleaner to 1 part water. Mix the two ingredients together in a bowl to form a thick paste.

Step 4

Use a spoon to smooth the paste onto the toilet scratches. Let it sit for an hour.

Step 5

Use a pumice stone to smooth away the dried paste. The paste will fill in the scratches and make them less visible.

Step 6

Fill up the toilet bowl with 16 ounces of water to rinse away the paste residue.

Step 7

Turn the water valve back on and flush the toilet.

Susan Reynolds

Susan Reynolds has been a writer since 2008. She holds a B.A. in English from the University of South Florida and is a licensed real estate agent in Florida.