Fabric Requirements to Upholster a Camelback Sofa

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A Camelback sofa can be highly elegant or wonderfully relaxed depending on your choice of re-upholstery fabric.

The camelback sofa has been around since the mid-1700s, when the Chippendale company made its classic styles. This style of sofa is most commonly seen in Queen Anne or Federal decor styles. With its high arms and curved back, the camelback sofa is both elegant and comfortable. When planning to reupholster a camelback sofa, there are a few requirements for fabric and measurements that you must know before tackling this project.


When you want to re-upholster a camelback sofa, you must know how much fabric to buy. According to the Upholstery Yardage Chart found at Interior Mall.com, it takes 10 yards of fabric to re-upholster a six-foot long camelback sofa. This length is determined by measuring the back of the sofa, from arm rest to arm rest. If your camelback sofa measures seven-feet long, it will require 11 yards of fabric to re-cover the sofa. At nine feet long, it will require 13 yards of fabric.


When re-upholstering a camelback sofa, you must use upholstery grade fabric. This type of fabric is thicker than fabric made for garments. It is better able to stand the wear and tear of everyday use; you can find it in cotton, linen, silks, duck, wool, denims and mixed fibers at fabric and home decorating stores.

Formal Decor Styles

Jessica Dauray of Elements of Style Interiors, Inc. states that some upholstery fabrics such as silk or sateen are thinner and should only be used for pieces that are more formal or not heavily used. A decor style such as a Federal or Queen Anne would use silk or a formal striped material while an occasional piece would be considered a side chair.

Heavy Use

Some sofas will see heavier use when placed in family rooms. These sofas require heavier fabric for better longevity. It is better to go with heavier decorator fabric such as duck and denim, according to Dauray. These fabrics will stand up better to the wear and tear that comes from children and pets.


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