How to Remove a Mobile Home From Private Land

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Remove a mobile home from your private property.

You can have a mobile home removed from your private land if you own the mobile home and if you own the land. There are several ways to go about this. Sometimes you can even have it removed for free depending on where you live. Old mobile homes are dangerous to keep around because children can become trapped inside, or criminals may use them for illegal activities.


Step 1

Call your local Solid Waste Department to find out if it removes mobile homes from private properties. In some localities, private property owners can have unwanted junk mobile homes removed from their properties for free by calling the county Solid Waste Department.

Step 2

Ask your local Solid Waste Department what the restrictions are, if any, for having a mobile home removed from private property.

Step 3

Call the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Mobile homes that are damaged due to disaster and are considered possible public health hazards may be removed for free.

Step 4

Contact a mobile home contractor to inquire about the cost and restrictions for removing a mobile home.


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