How to Troubleshoot Powermate Generators

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The key to using any generator is not to overload it.

Powermate generators are used in home remodeling, building and emergency power situations. The key to using any generator is to make sure that you are not overloading it. A Powermate generator's output power and the draw you require must match or be lower. Problems with the generators are often related to the motor not running or the generator not producing power or enough power.

Step 1

Check the rating of the power cord. The power cord will often be the weak link. The load can't exceed that of the power cord. For example, Powermate's 5700- watt generator is supplied with a power cord that can handle two 20-amp loads. You'll see an orange and a gray section on the receptacle panel, and the power cord will be split into orange and gray. Each color can handle 20 amps. Check the amperage of the power cord, and that of equipment you will be using, it's often marked on it.

Step 2

Reset the circuit breaker by pressing the circuit breaker reset button on the colored area of the panel—orange or gray, depending on which circuit tripped.

Step 3

Look for the cause of the circuit trip. In particular look for overloading. If the circuit breakers continue to trip, discontinue use and try another tool or appliance on the circuit. If you continue to allow the circuit breakers to trip they will ultimately damage the Powermate generator.

Step 4

Use the engine shut-off switch if the generator won't start. The shut-off is above the oil warning light. It must be on before the generator will start.


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