How to Troubleshoot the Ice Maker in a Kenmore Bottom Freezer

The ice maker in the bottom freezer of your Kenmore refrigerator is just as susceptible to problems as an ice maker in a refrigerator that has the freezer at the top of the unit. However, fixing the problems are exactly the same. Problems with the ice maker can vary. There are many causes for your ice maker to start acting up, but most of these do not need the assistance of a repair man. You can fix it yourself.

The ice maker on your Kenmore's bottom freezer can be fixed without a technician.

Step 1

Open the bottom freezer of your Kenmore unit. Adjust the ice bucket so that it is directly below the ice maker. If the ice bucket is not directly below the ice maker, ice will fall into your freezer’s bottom.

Step 2

Check the automatic shutoff bar on the ice maker. The automatic shutoff bar should be down for your ice maker to start making ice. If the bar is upright, the ice maker will not start making ice until it has been pushed down.

Step 3

Pull your refrigerator out from the wall in your kitchen and unplug it at the power source. Leave the refrigerator unplugged for about 30 seconds and then plug it back into the wall. This resets the ice maker.

Step 4

Check the water supply line behind your refrigerator. The water supply line should not have any kinks or twists in it. This is the water that is going to your refrigerator to make ice. When the water can’t get to the refrigerator, the ice maker cannot produce ice.

Step 5

Change out the ice maker’s water filter on the back of your refrigerator if the ice tastes funny. The filter may be clogged or worn. This will fix any bad-smelling ice in your freezer.