How to Use a Microwave Oven Power Control

Microwave ovens typically operate on full power, cooking meals and side dishes as quickly as possible. But there are times when you actually want to cook food more slowly or at a less intense heat, such as when you need to defrost or melt something. In this case you want to take advantage of the power level option on the oven. With this you can lower the settings to the point you need.

Microwaves can cook food more slowly when needed.

Step 1

Press the power level button and then press a number. The numbers in this case work as levels or percentages of power. Pressing 5 would bring the microwave down to half power or 50 percent. It might also be referred to as medium.

Step 2

Press the heat button or power button and select the amount of time that you want the microwave to run.

Step 3

Press the start key to begin cooking.