How Do You Light the Pilot Light of a Magic Chef Gas Stove?

Lighting the pilot on a Magic Chef gas stove is an important piece of information that any owner of one of these appliances should know. Making sure that the pilot light on your home stove is burning properly is necessary to avoid the danger of explosion due to a gas leak. Most stove burners have a fairly obvious access to the pilot light, while the oven's pilot access will be either in the oven drawer or in a small door at the bottom of the oven, depending on the model.

Lighting the pilot is a piece of necessary kitchen knowledge.

Step 1

Shut off the gas valve when you are relighting a pilot light that has been out for an undetermined amount of time to avoid a gas explosion. Allow the room to ventilate for a little while with the windows open to remove any excess gas, then reopen the gas valve.

Step 2

Remove the metal stove-top burners and set them aside. Lift the top of the stove if necessary to access the pilot lights. Locate the pilot lights, which are usually small open pipes surrounded by a metal guard. Hold a lit match next to each pilot hole until the pilot flames up. Most Magic Chef stove tops have two pilots.

Step 3

Open the oven drawer and remove the entire drawer if possible. Look inside the drawer for the oven pilot, which is usually located at either the front or the back of the long heating element from which the gas flows. The pilot will be a small open pipe with a metal guard surrounding it.

Step 4

Hold a lit match next to the open pilot until the flame is constant and bright. After a few seconds, turn on the oven and ensure that the flame is not extinguished. Allow the oven to heat for a few minutes, then turn it off and recheck the pilot to make sure that it is still burning well.