Privacy Fence Laws in Florida

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Wood fencing laws are meant to protect the homeowner.

Privacy fences are a necessary barrier between you and your neighbors. These fences give the owner a way of separating property lines while providing privacy in the owner's back yard. They also keep potential burglars away from your home and property. Knowing the height and setback rules that Florida law states regarding privacy fences may keep you happy with your neighbors and avoid squabbles.


Boundary Lines

The state of Florida requires that homeowners understand their boundary lines so they don't encroach on a neighbor's property. If your neighbor builds a fence on your property, he's required to remove the fence and replace it on his property. Florida law requires that if neither neighbor knows the boundaries, they must contact a surveyor who will provide the boundary lines per the county assessment office municipal layout.

Fence Contracts

Florida law allows homeowners to agree on a written fence contract to determine an understanding when building a fence. The contract should consider a description of the fence, where it's going to be placed, and maintenance responsibilities. Two witnesses, including a person who's not related, must be present. The agreement must be notarized by a legal notary. Length of the contract and who's responsible in case the fence causes accidental injury is also included.


Corporate Responsibilities

Florida law requires that companies who create open pits, junkyards, and waste disposal facilities are required to have a fence around their property. Fencing requirements exist for game preserves, amusement rides, and swimming pools. Florida law also prohibits companies from placing a fence on a public highway or placing a fence that would confine animals from food or water.



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