How to Make a Kitchen Table Taller

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Things You'll Need

  • Table risers

  • Tape measure

  • Flowerpots

  • Plywood

  • Tablecloth

Raising a kitchen table up with risers is a simple fix for a low table.

Sitting at a kitchen table while drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper is something many Americans do every morning. The table provides a common place for kids' after-school snacks, coupon cutting, craft creation, spousal discussions, and intimate family dinners. Because the kitchen table is so versatile in use, it should be a place where everyone who sits down can be comfortable. Raising a kitchen table up a couple inches from the floor is often an easy fix for increased comfort and usability.

Step 1

Determine your kitchen table's current height. Use a tape measure to measure the distance from the floor to the top of the table. Determine how high you would like the table to be. Sit down in a chair beside the table and hold your arms in a comfortable manner in front of you as you would if you were resting them on the table. Measure the approximate distance from your arms to the table top. If the underneath portion of the table is hitting your legs, lift one side of the table up until your legs can rest comfortable underneath. Determine the approximate distance from your leg to the position in which you are holding the table.

Step 2

For a do-it-yourself job, cut a piece of 1 inch thick plexiglass for the top of the table. Measure the table first to determine how much plexiglass will be needed. Use a table saw with a carbide blade to cut according to your measurements. Sand the edges of the plexiglass with a sander and set it on top of your table. Use a thicker piece of plexiglass if necessary. You could also opt for buying a piece of plexiglass that matches the shape of your kitchen table. Cover the table with a tablecloth and no one will know it's there!

Step 3

Purchase risers. Generally risers are used for beds, but they also can be used for sofas, chairs, and tables. Risers are made of a hard rubber that can hold the weight of any table. Purchase risers that are two inches, three inches, or five inches high. Risers can be purchased from any department store or home improvement store. They generally come in a pack of four and cost about $25.


If you choose to use flowerpots to make your kitchen table taller, be sure to buy clay pots and not plastic. Plastic will bend and break easily whereas clay will last much longer. Understand, however, that if anything too heavy is placed on top of the table, clay pots may break. Risers are the most sustainable and safest way to lift your table up a few inches.

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