A staple gun differs from a standard desk stapler significantly because a staple gun possesses the power to embed heavy-duty staples into a variety of dense materials. While a desk stapler will serve adequately for securing stacks of paper together, use a staple gun to attach various materials together, such as fabric or vinyl to wood. To load, you must first open a staple gun to access the inner chamber that houses the staples. Most staple guns possess similar design features.

Open a staple gun to load staples.

Step 1

Turn the staple gun over to examine the bottom edge of the gun.

Step 2

Find the button (often black) that you must push to release the staple storage compartment. Push this button when you find it.

Step 3

Pull the storage compartment away from the staple gun after you release it. It may pull straight out or it may pivot out from the staple gun at an angle. Inside the compartment, you should see the area where you must load staples. Generally, you load staples into a staple gun with the pointed tips facing down away from the gun.

Step 4

Load the staples into the compartment, making sure they load correctly and tightly within the storage area.

Step 5

Close the storage compartment by reversing the motion you performed to open it. You should hear and feel a "click" as the compartment fits securely back into place inside the staple gun.