How to Unlock a Sentry Safe

The Sentry Group, manufacturers of Sentry Safes since 1930, produces more security storage items than any other company in the world. Whether you're storing your valuables in a fire-resistant chest, a security storage container or a full-sized gun safe, your Sentry safe will come with either a combination or keyed lock. Either lock type is simple to open with the proper procedure while maintaining the secured environment you need for your valuables.

Keep your valuables secure with a home safe.

Step 1

Insert the safe key into the lock of your Sentry safe and turn it to the left until the plunger securing the lock disengages. Sentry safes using a key for entry can be opened in two ways: via the key only, or with a key and combination lock.

Step 2

Remove the key. If the safe is key entry only, open the safe by pushing down on the lid of the safe while pulling the latch that operates as an opening mechanism. Swing the safe open. If the safe requires a combination to open, begin the combination entry process.

Step 3

Start the mechanical combination dial at zero. Turn the combination dial counterclockwise, passing zero on the dial three times until you reach the first combination number. Stop the dial at the first number.

Step 4

Turn the dial clockwise, passing the second number of the combination once completely then stopping at the second number after the second revolution.

Step 5

Turn the dial counterclockwise, immediately stopping the rotation of the dial when you reach the third combination number.

Step 6

Use the same process for four number combinations except begin the rotation sequence by passing the first combination number four times, then three times for the second combination number, followed by two passes for the third then stopping immediately on the fourth combination number.

Step 7

Open an electronic Sentry safe by entering its combination into the number pad. Watch for the green LED on the number pad to light up. The green LED indicates that the code has been entered properly. Open the safe within four seconds.

Step 8

Turn the safe handle and pull on the door to open the safe.