How to Remove Aluminum Scratches From Glass

Aluminum scratches on glass can be unsightly and sometimes difficult to remove. These kinds of scratches tend to appear most on glass cooktops, and because of the delicate nature of these appliances excess force or harsh chemicals should not be used. Fortunately, a little bit of bleach can go a long way in removing metal blemishes from glass.

Cleaning unsightly aluminum scratches off of glass is quick and easy.

Step 1

Put on the rubber gloves and combine the bleach and water in the bowl. You may combine one part bleach to four parts water or increase it up to one part bleach to one part water depending on the severity of the scratch.

Step 2

Saturate the paper towels in the bleach mixture. You will need to use at least 2 paper towels so that they retain their moisture.

Step 3

Apply the saturated paper towels to the scratch and leave them there for one hour. Re-saturate the paper towels if necessary to keep them from drying out while they are applied to the scratch.

Step 4

Remove the saturated paper towels after one hour and wipe the scratch off with a clean, dry paper towel.

Rachael Lingerfelt

Rachael Lingerfelt has been writing since 2009 and occasionally publishes in Bozeman Montana's Community Food Co-Op's online newsletter about food and nutritional topics. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English from Montana State University.