Home Recliners for a Healthy Back

There's nothing quite like plopping down in your oversized recliner and kicking up your feet after a hard day's work. Most people want to be as comfortable as possible when spending time at home and relaxing, but some chairs are more comfortable than others. There are several recliners that are built specifically for comfort and support, so choosing the right one for your home could help to put an extra skip in your step.

Everyone loves a good recliner

Massage Recliners

Massage recliners are great after a long day at the office—they feature built-in massagers that usually run from the neck to the lower back. Most massage recliners come with a remote control to adjust the intensity and speed to the user's preferences, and can relieve stress by relaxing muscle tension in the back and neck area.

Ergonomic Recliners

Since the popularity of ergonomic office furniture has increased, many manufacturers are starting to create ergonomic home furniture so that users can relax after work as well. Ergonomic recliners take into account every aspect of the human body—from the head to the feet, with a special emphasis on back support. For optimum support, choose a recliner with an ottoman or footrest.

Lumbar Support Recliners

People seem to have the most trouble with their lower backs, and lumbar support recliners are built to support the shape of the lower back by curving outward and improving posture. Some lumbar support recliners are even adjustable, with an air pressure system that allows users to either inflate or deflate the back of the chair to adjust to their particular shape.

Memory Foam Recliners

Several furniture manufacturers are incorporating this technology into the classic recliner. Memory foam is designed to conform to any individual's body shape by distributing body weight evenly to increase support and reduce muscle tension.