Growing your own morel mushrooms at home will prevent you from mistaking poisonous mushrooms for them when hunting for the mushrooms in the wild. Morel mushrooms appear in the spring, and typically grow near apple and elm trees. The mushrooms are considered a delicacy, and they only grow for a limited time during the spring. Growing these mushrooms will require a lot of effort and patience, but they will be well worth the hard work and wait.

Growl morel mushrooms yourself instead of hunting for them in the wild.

Step 1

Locate an area that has well-drained soil. Remove all the weeds and grass from the area. Choose a location with shade that receives filtered sunlight.

Step 2

Combine an equal amount of peat, wood ash and gypsum to fill the top 4 to 6 inches of soil at your prepared site. You can burn wood and collect the ash as long as you use it within 48 hours.

Step 3

Inject the morel mushroom spores into the soil with a spawning kit. Follow the direction on the kit to ensure that you inject them properly. Spread the spawn over the soil according to the kit.

Step 4

Water the morel mushroom to keep the soil moist. Remove large debris away from the growing bed.

Step 5

Harvest the morels once they reach 4 inches in height. Cover the soil with a layer of composted manure and wood ash to keep the bed prepared for the next growing season. The bed will continue to grow morel mushrooms as long as you tend to the area properly.