What Cleaners Can Be Used on a Bamboo Floor?

Bamboo floors are a favorite alternative to hardwood flooring, providing the same beauty and durability without the environmental concerns caused by hardwood harvesting. While bamboo floors are generally somewhat more forgiving than hardwood when it comes to humidity, too much humidity or water can still cause damage to the floor. Because of this, bamboo floor owners must take care when choosing cleaning products to avoid applying cleaners with large amounts of water in them to their floors.

Take care in choosing bamboo floor cleaning products to avoid damage.

Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Most cleaners designed for use on hardwood floors are also used on bamboo floors with no problems. No-wax floor cleaners are most appropriate since they do not leave a waxy buildup on the floors and still add luster to the floor material. Hardwood floor cleaners with essential oils can add luster and a healthy look to bamboo floors as well, especially in areas with low humidity.

Concentrated Floor Cleaners

Concentrated floor cleaners that are mixed with water before use are safe to use on bamboo floors, but take care to follow the mixing instructions exactly to ensure that too much water isn't added. If different mixing instructions are given for different floor types, follow the "hardwood floor" instructions if an option for bamboo flooring isn't present.

Specialty Floor Cleaners

Specialty floor cleaners designed specifically for use on bamboo floors are ideal for regular use, but are sometimes difficult for some floor owners to find. Many of these cleaners contain similar ingredients to hardwood floor cleaners, though the ingredient balance is often slightly different because of differences in wood and bamboo flooring.

Cleaners for Floor-cleaning Pads and Mops

Floor-cleaning pads and mops such as the Swiffer Wet-Jet and the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop are used on bamboo floors, using cleaning solution refills designed for use on hardwood floors. When choosing a cleaning product such as these, give preference to models that spray their solution in small amounts or in a wide spray instead of simply spraying a puddle of their cleaning solution in front of the mop pad.