How to Grow Pecan Trees in Ohio

Pecan trees are a species native to the fertile basin of the Mississippi River. While they're most abundant in southern states, pecans will grow in Ohio. Ohio's warmer lower regions fall under plant hardiness zones 6a and 6b, according to the USDA. Pecan trees grow in zones 5 to 8. Starting pecan trees straight from nuts requires a long wait before maturation. Instead, try picking up a grafted pecan sapling from a garden store. Ask for a hardy northern pecan variety. Plant your tree from late February to early April.

Pecan trees produce crops of hard brown nuts.

Step 1

Check your soil quality. Pecans need deep soils with excellent drainage and organic material. Most Ohio soil is slightly acidic, which suits the preferred pH for pecans of between 5.5 and 6.5. Soils in east Ohio might be shallower than those in the west, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Step 2

Dig down at least 3 feet to ensure the roots have plenty of space to grow. Ensure that water doesn't fill the hole when left for a few days. This is a sign of a high water table, which could drown out the pecan roots

Step 3

Choose a level site in a sunny location, at least 35 feet from walls, power lines and other large trees.

Step 4

Water bare root trees thoroughly. Trim off the end of the tap root, leaving around 20 inches intact. Remove any broken or withered roots.

Step 5

Water the hole and fill with topsoil until the hole is the depth of of the tree root-ball. Insert the tree carefully, and use topsoil to firm into place. Water with 5-gallons of water straight after planting.

Step 6

Prune back the top third of the tree to reduce pressure on the roots. Add soluble nitrogen-rich fertilizer to growing trees every April, May or June.