How to Load an Easyshot Staple Gun

The Easyshot is a relatively inexpensive staple gun that can be used with ease. The manufacturers of the staple gun claim that it does not "kick-back" like other staple guns and requires little force to operate. If you are having trouble loading the gun, you simply need to follow some basic instructions to get it operating effectively once again. With the proper staples and loading procedure you can quickly refill the gun and resume stapling.

Properly load the Easyshot staple gun

Step 1

Hold the gun upright as you would during operation.

Step 2

Pull back the staple loading carriage from underneath the bottom of the gun.

Step 3

Insert a single row of compatible staples into the gun. The Easyshot can handle three sizes of staples: 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch, and 3/8-inch light duty narrow crown staples. Easyshot's own brand of staples and the Arrow JT21 staples are examples of suitable choices. The points of the staples should be facing the way that they would fire out of the gun. If the row of staples is not fitting, do not force it into the gun. Simply turn the row around and try again.

Step 4

Replace the staple loading carriage and click it into place. The Easyshot is now fully loaded and ready for operation.