How to Remove Chair Casters

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Things You'll Need

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • Pry bar

Remove the casters and replace them with new ones.

Chair casters increase the functionality of office chairs. However, when a chair caster is faulty, you may be tempted to replace the entire chair. Instead, simply remove the chair casters from your office or desk chair, and take them to a hardware store for replacements. Chair casters secure to the chair without fasteners and removing them is often a matter of simply pulling them out. There are some instances where you must pry the caster to remove it from the chair.


Step 1

Turn the chair over so that the chair wheels are up in the air. Grab the leg you are removing the caster from with one hand. Grasp the caster by the wheel with your other hand, and pull the caster straight out of the chair leg.

Step 2

Insert a flat-head screwdriver between the caster and the chair leg, if the caster will not pull out by hand. Twist the screwdriver handle to pry the caster up enough that you can insert the nail pulling end of a small pry bar.

Step 3

Position the pry bar between the caster and chair leg. Push down on the pry bar handle to pull the caster out of the chair.


Replace all of the chair casters at the same time for the best results.



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