By Stacey Price

Propane tanks are a popular fuel alternative. They come in many shapes and sizes for many different uses. Propane can be used for heating the home, operating gas grills, water heating, and cooking, among other things. It is important to know the safety practices when storing and handling propane tanks because they contain flammable gas.

Propane tank

Step 1

Store propane tanks in a well ventilated area away from heavy traffic. It is not advisable to store them inside your home or garage.

Step 2

Place propane tanks in an up right position, on a flat surface that is nonflammable, such as concrete.

Step 3

Avoid storing tanks in places that may cause rusting, such as damp grass or mud. This may render the tank useless.

Step 4

Keep propane tanks away from very high temperatures. Do not store them near a grill or smoke near them.