How to Stop a Clicking Sound on a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a rotating device suspended on a ceiling of a room that uses paddles to circulate air around and ventilate the space. Unlike modern air conditioners, ceiling fans only move air around and create a breeze. They do not change the temperature of the air in the room. Ceiling fans can be made of various materials, use various kinds of motors and come in many different sizes and shapes. However, sometimes ceiling fans make annoying buzzing noise or a clicking sound. Fortunately, this problem can usually be solved virtually in a matter of minutes.

Learn how to stop a clicking sound on a ceiling fan.

Step 1

Turn off your ceiling fan and disconnect it from a power source. It is extremely important not to skip this essential step when working on maintaining any electrical appliances.

Step 2

Remove the fan's blades and its housing assembly. If there are lamps on the fan, remove the whole lighting fixture, along with the bulbs. Use a screwdriver to detach the parts of your ceiling fan. While removing the housing assembly, check if it was attached to the ceiling firmly and securely. Sometimes that can be a problem, so remember to mount the housing very tight after the repair.

Step 3

Locate and insect the capacitor of your fan. It is a small black box with a few wires. Check the capacitor for any signs of damage. If you notice any burning or melting on the wires or any cracks on the box, you may need to replace the whole capacitor. If the capacitor looks good and seems to be functioning properly, continue to the next step.

Step 4

Inspect the blades for any damage by checking them out from all sides. Use a tape measure to assure that all the blades are exactly the same size. If there are slight differences, slowly and gently bend the blades so that they match each other's dimensions.

Step 5

Locate the oil hole in your ceiling's fan motor if there is one. Modern ceiling fans do not require oil, but some older and heavy-duty models need to be oiled regularly. Fill the motor with a small amount of motor oil. Check the owner's manual to see exactly what kind of oil your ceiling fan requires.

Step 6

Reattach all the part of the ceiling fan assembly into their place. It is extremely important to tighten the mounting screws as much as you can, because loose screws are often the reason for the annoying clicking sound.

Step 7

Turn on the power and plug in your ceiling fan to ensure it is functioning properly.