Moles are small mammals that burrow through the soil year-round, but their activity peaks during the warm and wet months. They are often mistaken for shrews and mice, but you can observe the difference by their front legs. The front legs have large padded claws with extended nails that help the animal to burrow through the ground. There are several methods you can use to get rid of the moles, such as fumigation, as well as pesticides and other chemical methods, but there is one natural method that enables you to release a mole far from your property instead of killing it.

Moles are burrowing creatures that create small hills of disturbed dirt when they come to the surface.

Step 1

Locate the mole hills in your yard and, from the mole hill, walk 4 to 6 feet on either side of the hill where there is an obvious mole trail. You will know the mole trail by raised ground and slightly churned dirt.

Step 2

Dig gently into the burrow with your hands. Try not to disturb the area any more than you have to, and bury the jar so that the mouth of the jar is level with the bottom of the burrow. Repeat every 4 to 6 feet.

Step 3

Place the extracted dirt all around the mouth of the jar but not inside the jar. The extracted dirt is the dirt you removed from the top of the mole tunnels and the dirt you dug up in order to put the jar in the ground. Make a barrier around the mouth of the jar so that the mole has to push through the dirt in order to get to the jar. Drop two earthworms into the jar. Earthworms and white grubs are the favorite food of moles, so the worms will make good bait if you think you need some. You do not have to use bait to capture the moles.

Step 4

Place the board on top of the mole trail where the jar is. You need to make sure the jar is out of as much light as possible so that the mole does not sense it. Check the traps up to two times daily and release the moles at least 1 mile from your home. You need to be able to access the mouth of the jar just by lifting up the board.