How to Use Electrasol Gel Packs

Many brands of dishwasher detergent are now available in tablet or gel pack form. Electrasol detergent, now known as Finish detergent, offers a gel pack that is filled with concentrated gel detergent, requiring no peeling or unwrapping of the outer layer. With a dishwasher detergent gel pack, there is no measuring of detergent into your dishwasher's detergent cups. Electrasol gel packs dissolve in the dishwasher, and because they're self-contained, the detergent leaves behind no mess.

Electrasol gel packs are now called Finish gel packs.

Step 1

Open the Finish/Electrasol dishwasher detergent gel pack box. Some Electrasol products are available in bags or canisters.

Step 2

Remove one Electrasol gel pack from the container. Don't cut, tear or in any way open the gel pack. The gel pack will dissolve in the water, releasing the contents.

Step 3

Put the Electrasol/Finish gel pack into the primary detergent dispenser. Some dishwashers have two dispensers and a screw or pop-in cap for a rinse agent. Choose the dispenser that has the spring-loaded cover to place the gel pack inside.

Step 4

Close the dispenser cover according to the manufacturer's instructions for your dishwasher. Most dispenser lids simply click shut. A few brands require you to maneuver a lever or locking mechanism into place to secure the dispenser lid.

Step 5

Turn on your dishwasher to the setting you would normally select for the load size and type that you are currently needing to wash. The optimal water temperature for using the gel packs is 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Louise Harding

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