People around the world have become more aware of the effects our lifestyles have on the environment. New laws and regulations have been applied to appliance disposal to save space in landfill and to help preserve our planet's resources. When you would like to replace your old small appliances with new appliances, it is important, and in some cases even required by EPA standards, to recycle your old appliances. These small appliances may fall under the radar of environmental law, but many people concerned with the environment understand the need to recycle. Recycling and waste management procedures vary state by state, but you can easily find a local recycling program in your community.

Recycling small appliances can help make our planet cleaner.

Step 1

Donate your old small appliances that still work to charity organizations like Goodwill, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity. Look up your local branches of organizations like these and contact them to see if they accept such donations.

Step 2

Post your working appliances in the classifieds so that someone else in your community can reuse them. Contact local newspapers and place an ad on Craigslist with photos and working condition.

Step 3

Contact your local electric company to see if they offer a bounty program for small appliances. Ask what the specific qualifications are for the appliance to be accepted, such as size or working condition.

Step 4

Contact your community's municipal department of public works or waste management to get information on recycling procedures for appliances in your neighborhood. Some communities may accept curbside recycling for small appliances while others may have a drop-off location. Make sure to prepare the appliance according to the recycling center's guidelines.

Step 5

Ask the company you are buying new appliances from if they participate in a recycling program. Some companies may allow you to drop off your old, broken small appliance when you buy a new, energy-efficient appliance.